36 Weeks and Nesting Update

At 36 weeks, we are 4 weeks away from our guess date!  So, I wanted to give you a quick update.

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings36 weeks was also the date I had in mind to get all of my projects around the house done… which of course has not happened.  But I am making some progress!

Baby is the Size of: a pumpkin (19.5 inches and almost 7 lbs – of course this varies widely at this point in pregnancy as healthyfull term babies can be between 5.5 and 10 lbs)

Baby’s Heart Rate: 136 at 35 weeks 6 days

Total Weight Gain:  32 lbs

Fundal Height: 37 cm at 35 weeks 6 days (I am still consistently a cm ahead of the week we are at.)

Baby’s Position:  Most of the time he is head-down, but he is not engaged yet and sometimes when I am lying on my side it feels like he turns transverse.  This drives me crazy!  I want him to get head-down and stay that way!  Luckily, he always seems to move back head-down once I stand up and move around a bit.

Baby Preparation Projects:

Food: I have started preparing and freezing foods for postpartum.  Currently in the freezer I have: assorted muffins, scottish oat scones (which I have to stop eating so I don’t finish them before the baby arrives…), beef stew, chicken soup and homemade chicken stock, turkey and veggie Bolognese sauce, and hamburger patties.  I managed to make most of the meals by doubling the recipes when I was making dinner.  I also have lists of meals and recipes to make over the next few weeks, and a grocery list for postpartum so that I can have a family member get us the food we often eat.  I didn’t do any of this before K’s birth, so I already feel ahead!

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

Making muffins

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

Beef stew served over mashed potatoes. We ate half for dinner and a few lunches, and froze the other half.

“Nursery” (Our Room): The baby will be sharing our room (as K did when she was a baby).  Unlike last time, I have actually picked a theme – the night sky – and made some art for a somewhat coordinated “nursery” space that takes up about half of our bedroom.

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

Our changing area. I found the star printables at lostbumblebee.

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

Our crib and rocking chair. I made both the painting and hanging stars.

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

A result of my crazy pregnancy creativity.

K’s “big girl” space: K has had her own room since we moved into our house in April, and I have been slowly putting it together.  I still want to make some more decorations and make it a really special place for her, (especially after making decorations for the baby’s space), but for now she and I picked out a special quilt and pillow sham for her bed.  She loves it.  We also switched her dresser with a cubby unit – this way her clothes are more accessible to her and I can use the dresser as a changing table downstairs (see below).  I also got her some child-sized bath towels since she was getting big for her baby towels (and now we can use them for the new baby.)  The hanger for towels in the bathroom kept falling down, so when I put a new one up for myself, I also put one at K’s height for her towel.

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

The closest I could get to her bed being neat… her room is a disaster most of the time since she likes to pull everything out.

Main floor changing table and diaper set-up: As I mentioned above, we moved the dresser from K’s room downstairs (well, Mr. S and my father-in-law did :)) and got a second changing pad to put on the top.  Since K and I spend more time downstairs than upstairs, I thought it would be helpful to have a designated space for diapers, without having to run upstairs whenever a diaper needs to be changed.  We have already been using this for K – it actually helps keeps her contained during diaper changes.  I currently have disposable diapers in the top drawer, cloth diapers in the second drawer, and extra items in the bottom drawer, but I am sure my organization will need to be adjusted once the baby is here.  I also put a basket in the basement with a travel changing pad, wipes, and a few diapers for both K and the baby so we can do changes down there too.

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

Disposables for K and baby, wipes – both disposable and cloth – with a spray bottle of water and diaper cream.

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

Gdiapers and prefolds for K and the baby.

Baby toys and blankets: We took the baby toys out of storage and put some in the living room and some in the basement.  K likes to play with them – I am hoping letting her play with them now will help the novelty wear off a bit by the time the baby is actually playing with them…  I am making sure we have some baby blankets on each floor of the house so we can cover/wrap/lie baby down when we want.

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

A box of baby toys in the living room.

Birth and Postpartum supplies: We double-sheeted the bed with a layer of plastic underneath, I put out a basket of possibly helpful things for labor, pulled the breast-pump out of storage with new accessories.  I also made more belly balm for the remainder of pregnancy and postpartum, and frozen herbal pads for postpartum.

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

My labor basket includes a hot water bottle, a rice pack that can be heated or cooled, my belly dance dvds, pads, chapstick, a labor massage oil made with almond oil, lavender, and jasmine, and folders with resources for birth (numbers to call, ideas for labor positions, etc).

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

A large batch of belly balm.

What’s Left?

Lots of cleaning.  Putting the car seat in the car.  Making tea blends for postpartum.  Making a nursing basket with supplies on each floor of the house (e.g. some burp cloths, hair ties, lip balm, coconut oil, etc.)   More food preparation – particularly cookie dough so that K and her support person can make cookies while I am in labor.  She also wants to make a cookie cake.  Typing up instructions for Mr. S on preparing my sitz bath infusion, doing laundry, etc.  More decor around the house, especially in the living room and basement (where the walls are pretty bare). Updating and reorganizing my recipe binder.  A few organizational projects and Montessori/educational materials for K and the baby.  Other than the car seat, cleaning and tea blends (I need my mama’s milk tea asap postpartum!) everything else really is optional, though much of it (like the nursing baskets and food prep) would be really nice to have done.

36 Weeks and Nesting Update | Happy Mom Musings

36 Weeks.  Happy and tired after a long day of watching a toddler and preparing for a new baby.

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