Around the World Preschool: Africa

In the new year, we learned about my daughter’s favorite continent – Africa!  She especially loves the African animals that live in the East of the continent, so I made sure to include stories from Kenya and Tanzania.  But I also wanted to learn about the diversity of cultures around the continent, so we looked at many different countries.  This was a really fun study for us!

Africa is Not a Country

Usborne Illustrated Fables from Around the World (Anansi and the Box of Stories)

We’re Sailing Down the Nile  (Egypt)

The Day of Ahmed’s Secret (Egypt)

Mama Panya’s Pancakes (Kenya)

Seeds of Change (Kenya)

For you are a Kenyan Child (Kenya)

Elizabeti’s Doll (Tanzania)

We All Went on Safari (Tanzania)

Beatrice’s Goat (Uganda)

Rain School (Chad)

Galimoto (Malawi)

We’re Going on a Lion Hunt

Deep in the Sahara (Mauritania)

Off to the Sweet Shores of Africa (Poetry Book)

jambo means hello (Swahili Alphabet book)

moja means one (Swahili Counting Book)

The Global Kitchen

Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook

African Patterns to Color (Usborne)

Lion by Suzi Eszterhas

We did not study elephants as part of this study, but I think they would be a great addition and I recommend Elephants of Africa by Gail Gibbons!

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