Call the Midwife on PBS

I was so excited to find this show in my on demand menu!  (I don’t actually know when any tv shows are on any more… if they are not on demand, I don’t watch them.)  Call the Midwife is a British show about midwives working in East London in the 1950s.  It is based on the memoirs of midwife Jennifer Worth.  The midwives live in a convent and help the women in the poor community around them.  Mostly they trust in the mother’s ability to birth, but they live in a time when medical technology can also help in certain situations.  For example, a woman who had rickets as a child was unable to successfully birth any of her children (they were all stillbirths) until she had access to a cesarean section that was paid for by the National Health Service.  I love how the show manages to advocate for the skills of a midwife, while showing the benefits of technology in certain situations, and also highlighting the benefits of the National Health Service (something the English are very proud of).  It is also a refreshing change from birth shows such as ‘One Born Every Minute,’ which show a version of birth that is controlled by convenience to hospitals and doctors and which has shown nurses making fun of the few women who try to birth naturally on the show.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in childbirth, who needs their British fix while Downton Abbey is on break, or who is just in the mood for some inspiring stories!

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