Daily Rhythm: February 2016

This is our current daily “rhythm” in February 2016.  K 3 years , T 10-11 months.  We don’t follow it strictly; it is a flow and there is time for rest and play.  Sometimes, we have a “lazy day”(or two!)  when don’t follow the rhythm and just play and relax, but I notice that we all do better when we regularly follow the rhythm.

K has been waking up when Mr. S gets up, around 5am.  She has a snack while he has breakfast and I try to get T and I a little more sleep.

Mr. S leaves around 6, and K usually comes to get us shortly after.  T is so excited to see her in the morning.  I usually make them wait in the bed for a few minutes while I wake up. We are out of bed and downstairs before 7.

I usually take a little while to get set up, but most days I am able to fit in a short workout before breakfast.  I like Bikini Body Mommy, and more recently I have been doing blogilates and various other free workout videos on youtube.

Daily Rhythm: February 2016 | Happy Mom Musings

I usually start making breakfast around 8am.  I like to listen to a podcast while I cook.  T has an egg and a fruit/vegetable baby food pouch, K has oatmeal, bacon, and sometimes some fruit or veggie, and I have eggs, bacon, and greens.  After breakfast, they play while I clean up from breakfast.

Daily Rhythm: February 2016 | Happy Mom MusingsCalendar time includes updating our calendar – with weather and moon phase – reading a poem or two, reading books, and reviewing our letters.

Daily Rhythm: February 2016 | Happy Mom MusingsGet everyone dressed – sometimes I do this in the morning before we come down.  They can be in pjs if we are not going out – but have to have bottoms and tops on.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we do School time (Montessori-style) in our basement school room.  I usually feed T at some point during this time, and try to get him down for a nap.  (If not, he will often nap on our walk.)

School Winter 2016 | Happy Mom Musings

Doing a sound sort with the Montessori sandpaper letters.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we do an activity (usually art, sometimes science), or go to a library or playground.

Daily Rhythm: February 2016 | Happy Mom Musings

Daily Rhythm: February 2016 | Happy Mom MusingsSnack – if we are done with school time or our activity early enough, I will often have a snack and suggest that K have one as well before we go on our walk.  Sometimes, it is close to lunch time, in which case we just have lunch.

Walk/Lunch – the order depends on when we finish our morning school time or activity. If there is inclement weather or it is just too cold, we will skip this. My goal is to go for a walk every day, although I admit that it happens a lot less during the winter (getting the kids bundled takes a lot of effort, and I don’t like being cold!)

Daily Rhythm: February 2016 | Happy Mom Musings

Daily Rhythm: February 2016 | Happy Mom MusingsPlaytime/Reading/Cleaning – our afternoons are much more relaxed and unscheduled.  I like to read a bit each afternoon, and sometimes we will draw in our nature journals or do another activity.

Daily Rhythm: February 2016 | Happy Mom Musings

Daily Rhythm: February 2016 | Happy Mom Musings2:30-3:30pm is afternoon snack time.  We try not to eat from lunch until 2:30, and from 3:30 until dinner.  I encourage K (and myself!) to eat a healthy snack at this time.  Around the same time I give T a bottle and try to get him to take another nap.

Daily Rhythm: February 2016 | Happy Mom Musings

We don’t normally have cookies for snack… this was for our February poetry tea.

Mr. S gets home anywhere from 3:30-7pm depending  on the day (recently it has been closer to 5:30-6pm).  If he is home early enough, he will help me with dinner; if not I usually start working on it between 4:30-5pm.

Unless he will be home very late, we wait for Mr. S so we can eat all together.  My goal is to eat around 5:15 .pm, but recently it has been closer to 6pm.

Sometimes there is time to play after dinner – especially with Daddy – but usually they are tired and we start bedtime.

We do bath time a couple nights a week.  At this point we bathe them together, but I am in charge of T (he hates the bath and it usually doesn’t last very long) and Mr. S is in charge of K (she likes to play in the bath).

Daily Rhythm: February 2016 | Happy Mom MusingsFor bedtime (which we try to do at 6pm, but is often closer to 7pm), I take T into my bedroom and nurse him, and Mr. S does K’s bedtime routine with her.  The routine is:brush teeth, go potty, put on PJs, read 2-3 stories, lights out and cuddle for 5 minutes.  If she is uncooperative, she gets fewer stories.

This is our current rhythm.  It is always evolving, and some days it gets away from me, but it gives me a structure and something to look to, and (hopefully) gives the little ones a sense of security.

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