First Treasure Basket

Now that Tiny One is sitting up well and exploring more with her hands, it is time to introduce some new toys!  A treasure basket is a Montessori idea for babies and young children – it is simply a basket (or box or bag) of different items that the baby can explore.  Treasure baskets can have a theme, such as “kitchen items” or “soft.”  Mine doesn’t really have a theme, but I tried to include objects that had different textures, colors, etc, so that it would be a sensory experience.  Here is our first treasure basket!

First Treasure Basket | Happy Mom MusingsIn it, I have included: a yellow felted wool ball; a knit oven mit (made for us by Mr. S’s Memere); 2 scraps of play silks – one blue/violet and one pink/orange/yellow; a small set of measuring spoons; a ribbon with several knots tied in; a wood dragon teether; a baby hairbrush made of natural materials (not in the basket because she was eating it!)

First Treasure Basket | Happy Mom MusingsShe loves playing with the items in the basket, and with the basket itself – which we got from Ten Thousand Villages.  Often, she first dumps everything out of the basket, and then chooses an item to play with, or plays with the basket itself.

First Treasure Basket | Happy Mom MusingsFirst Treasure Basket | Happy Mom MusingsOverall, her first treasure basket is a huge success!

Wool felted ball from Shady Side Farm on Etsy

Play silk scraps from Sarah’s Silks

Wood dragon teether from Little Sapling Toys on Etsy

Wooden baby hairbrush from Hip Peas on Amazon

Fair Trade Handmade Basket from Ten Thousand Villages

The other stuff I already had around the house!

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