Imbolc 2016: Planting Intentions

This year, we celebrated Imbolc, which is the mid-point between the winter solstice and spring equinox, celebrated on February 1st or 2nd.  It the time of year when ewes have babies and give milk, a time when we may notice the days lengthening (they have been since the winter solstice), and to look forward to spring.  It is a time to make and bless candles, and it is also a day to celebrate Brigid (a Celtic Goddess turned Saint).

Imbolc 2016 | Happy Mom Musings

Making rolled beeswax candles

Imbolc 2016 | Happy Mom Musings

There was a lot of snow on the ground, but it was a warm day.

Imbolc 2016 | Happy Mom Musings

We made a Brigid’s Cross out of pipe cleaners.

Looking forward to the year ahead, I “planted” slips of paper with projects and goals that I want to grow over the next year, as well as bay leaves for wealth in the coming year, and we lit one of our candles in the soil.  You could call it a prayer or magic, I see it as focusing on my intentions and what I want to focus on to create the life I want.

Imbolc 2016 | Happy Mom Musings

K and I started thinking about our garden this year; I have been working on a garden journal and planning it out – hopefully, I will have some beautiful garden pictures to share this spring and summer.

Another great activity for Imbolc which I intended to do, but didn’t get to is making butter by shaking cream in a mason jar.  We may still do this in the next few weeks, and I will definitely keep it in mind for next year.


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