Montessori Baby: 2-6 Months

I didn’t know much about infant Montessori when K was really small – we started doing more Montessori inspired things at around 6 months – so many of these are new for T.  There are many more Montessori mobiles and other infant toys available; I just did a few.  There are also some parts of infant Montessori that I chose not to do, including using a floor bed from birth. Montessori Baby | Happy Mom MusingsMunari-inspired mobile (the real Munari mobile looks like this).

Montessori Baby | Happy Mom MusingsTummy time with a mirror and globe ball

Montessori Baby | Happy Mom MusingsGobbi mobile (homemade)

Montessori Baby | Happy Mom MusingsBell rattle.  I also have grasping beads and interlocking disks.  I just don’t seem to have any pictures of him playing with them.

Montessori Baby | Happy Mom MusingsPracticing sitting up, playing with his sister and the soft globe.  T’s main “work” at this stage is developing his gross and fine motor skills – grasping objects with his hands, sitting up, eventually crawling and walking.  He is already learning social skills (as is his sister), and I consider playing with the globe “Montessori-inspired” because she felt strongly about teaching children about the global community and promoting peace on earth.


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