My Favorite Exercise DVDs for Non-pregnant People

Since many of you are not actually pregnant and pregnancy is only a temporary condition (as much as it might seem otherwise sometimes) I have put together a list of my favorite “non-pregnant” exercise DVDs.

I absolutely love Shiva Rea.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I also have her prenatal yoga and want to get her new postnatal dvd as well.  This DVD includes several practices based on the elements – my favorite is water – and you can mix and match solar and lunar warmups and extra core or stretching with each 20 minute practice.  All of her practices are based on sun salutations and she keeps moving so that it almost feels like a dance.  I also have and love her Yoga Shakti, More Daily Energy, and Creative Core and Upper Body.  I have my eye on a few of her others once I have recovered postpartum.

I actually have a set of her DVDs (I am not sure if they sell the set anymore) – Cardio Sculpt and Kickboxing Bootcamp are my favorite.  She has made more recent DVDs that I am thinking of trying.

This is one of several belly dance DVDs I have.  And it is the one I come back to most often.  Rachel Brice starts with a yoga warm-up then moves into isolations, which she breaks down slowly, and then guides you through repetitions.

When I am not pregnant, I tend to do a lot more cardio and weight training as well, so I actually don’t use my exercise DVDs as often I have been during my pregnancy.

If you missed my posts about pregnancy exercise dvds, you can see my favorites and my honorable mentions by following the links.

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