My Ring Sling

I recently received my very first baby carrier – a girasol ring sling.  It is beautiful and I am excited to use it when Tiny One arrives!

I covered the benefits and basics of babywearing in my Introduction to Babywearing post.  I chose a ring sling first because it is easy to put baby in and take baby out, can be used for newborns and toddlers, and is great for breastfeeding.

Girasol fabrics are made in Guatamala by hand loom.  They are woven to create a diagonal elasticity, which is perfect for baby-wearing.  They are mostly used for woven wraps, but can be converted into ring slings as well (which is what I purchased).  They come in many different patterns – mine is a light rainbow diamond weave.

Of course, now that I have my ring sling, I couldn’t resist practicing (using Teddy as my “baby”)!  I practiced “tummy to tummy” hold, as it is recommended as the best for newborns, and seems the most intuitive to me.  (I do realize that Teddy is much more squishy and not proportional to what Tiny One will be like, so there will be much more learning to do when I put her in the sling!)

Step #1: Put the Ring Sling On

Step #2: Put Baby In Sling

Step # 3: Tighten Sling So Baby is Snug and Secure

Step # 4: Make Sure Baby Can Easily Breathe and You Can Kiss the Top of Her Head

Step # 5: Love Baby and Continue On with Your Day!

Have you ever worn a baby?  What was your carrier of choice?

6 thoughts on “My Ring Sling

  1. First the gdiapers, now the ring sling – Teddy’s going to be jealous when Tiny One joins us. I hope he brings Tiny One as much joy as he has brought to you! I actually think Teddy is a good tester of these products for you….Great Grammie T would too! 🙂

      • I’ll have to have a discussion with Teddy then, on the appropriate one for Tiny One since he’s staying with you. The two of them will have to get along, you know! And no, it’s not ridiculous…unless Teddy kicks Mr. S out of the bed! 🙂

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