Our Baby Shower

This past weekend my sister, my brother, and my mother all came down to throw a baby shower for Tiny One!  My Aunts came down for the weekend, and several family members and friends came to celebrate with us.

The shower was on Sunday morning, so there was lots and lots of yummy brunch food, including quiches and muffins.  There was also coffee, tea, and hot apple cider.

There were a couple of games for guests to play – a calendar to “Guess Baby’s Arrival Date” with time used as a tie-breaker (the winner will get an AmEx gift card), and a collage of baby pictures of us and some of the guests for them to guess who was who.  10 points to anyone who can identify me and Mr. S!

Guests were asked to leave us advice and well-wishes on cute baby clothes cut-outs.  My favorite says “Rest Will Come!” on the front and “In 18 years. It’s all good!” on the back!  (I have no idea who wrote this – feel free to take credit if it was you!)

My grandparents in Buffalo were able to attend part of the shower through the wonders of technology!

My Aunt Jan connected with my grandparents over the phone so that they could participate when we opened presents!

Mr S. and I opened cute baby presents.  (Apparently, I made some funny faces…) It was a wonderful day with amazing friends and family!  We felt so loved!!

Thank you to everyone who came to support us!   I hope you all had a wonderful time as well!!

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