Our Christmas in Pictures

Good morning!  I know it has been a little while… No, Tiny One has not arrived yet.  My lack of posting this week is due to a combination of having a large work project and having some issues with my website server (if any of you encountered this, I apologize!)

I was hoping to start doing “Wordless Wednesdays” this week – featuring pictures in each Wednesday post, but for the reasons stated above that did not happen… But I don’t want to wait until next Wednesday to share these with you!  (Plus, I am hoping Tiny One will be here by then…)  So here are some photo highlights of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for me and Mr. S this year.

Christmas Bethesda Row

Snowing on Christmas EveChristmas Eve (4)

IMG_3409Cinnamon BunsChristmas Walk Collage

We had a wonderful, calm Christmas.  It snowed on Christmas Eve, and was an absolutely beautiful day (perfect for a walk!) on Christmas.  I hope you are all enjoying your holidays as well!


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