Our Daily Rhythm

I am trying to bring more rhythm and routine to our lives.  Firstly because I know that children need routines, but also for myself.  Since I have spent most of my life thus far in school, I am used to having a schedule; and I have found that I get more done and feel better about my day when I follow one.  On the other hand, I tend to rebel when I try to force myself to do something (without someone else like a teacher to keep me accountable) and do nothing instead (not the best quality, I know), so I knew that whatever I put together had to be flexible – more of a guideline.

Reading about Waldorf philosophy, their idea of daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms resonated with me.  So I observed our days, thought about what I would like to add to our days and weeks, and came up with a daily rhythm to follow when we are home.

Our Daily Rythm | Happy Mom Musings

Our daily rhythm next to our monthly calendar

This is a work-in-progress and very flexible.  I have already changed it several times, and if something else comes up in a given day, we just adjust. For example, if she seems tired at 9am, I will put her down for her nap then instead of waiting until 9:30am.  We then continue according to our rhythm from when she wakes up from her nap.

Our Daily Rhythm

Wake Up: Daddy-daughter time, breakfast (Tiny One usually wakes up between 5:30-6:30am.  The wonderful Mr. S gets up with her and lets me sleep a while longer.)

Early Morning: Free time

Our Daily Rythm | Happy Mom Musings9am: “Circle Time”  (This is something I am trying out.  She is still young for a traditional school circle time, but I try to say “good morning, sun!” with her and read her a poem.  The idea is to read the same seasonally inspired poem for a week or two, adding in pictures and toys if possible to help her understand.  I am also thinking about adding a yoga pose.)

9:30am: Morning nap (feed baby right before nap). Usually about an hour. (I either read or do quiet things in the bedroom while she naps, since she naps longer when I am around.)

After nap: Get dressed, Morning snack

Morning: Outside time, activity, or adventure (I call anything that requires a long walk or the car an adventure.)

Our Daily Rythm | Happy Mom Musings12:30pm: Lunch! (start preparing around noon if needs to be prepped) (I give her food to eat on her own while I eat, then I may help her by spoon feeding to make sure she has eaten enough.)

After Lunch: Quick cleanup and reading time (How long reading time lasts depends on her concentration level, and varies each day), followed by free play time.

2:30pm: Snack and afternoon nap.  Usually around an hour, but there have been amazing days when she has taken a 3 hour nap.

Our Daily Rythm | Happy Mom MusingsLate Afternoon: Chores, Prep dinner (baby free play where ever I am.)

6:30/7pm: Dinner (when Mr. S gets home)

Our Daily Rythm | Happy Mom MusingsEvening: Family time.

7pm: Bath (on bath nights)

7:30: Baby bedtime (change diaper and get undressed, massage, put on pjs, nurse, then formula if necessary, sleep)

As Tiny One gets older and can do more, I plan to add more structure and regular activities such as art, music, and yoga to our rhythm.  I am working on a weekly rhythm, but since I have been working from home sporadically and we have been going out to activities more, it has been put on the back-burner.

Do any of you find that you have a rhythm?  Did you purposefully create it or did it just happen?

One thought on “Our Daily Rhythm

  1. My little one is still inconsistent when it comes to naps, so it’s hard to set specific times for everything, but we tried doing the EASY schedule from the beginning – eat, awake time, sleep time, you time (as in, you get a little bit of time to do what *you* want while baby is sleeping). This has been enormously beneficial as it has allowed me to sort of predict what is going to happen in the next hour or so. Little guy is starting to take longer naps sometimes (though some days he goes back to his cat naps), and the longest one always occurs in late afternoon (around 4), so that’s sort of his natural rhythm, I guess. We ALWAYS made sure to do a bedtime routine (I learned this from a friend of mine) – bath, nurse, book, song – and that has worked like a charm! He falls asleep easily for bedtime and stays asleep for a good long time (sometimes all night, but if not all night at least a six-hour stretch), because the routine lets him know that it’s bedtime! So I think that routines are really good for babies, as long as we mommies are flexible in accommodating their unpredictability (as it sounds like you are)!

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