Packing Our Hospital Bags

We are almost at 38 weeks and are in our “due month”!  So this past weekend, Mr. S and I put together our hospital bags.  We have two bags – a labor bag, and a recovery bag.  We are using my diaper bag for the labor bag which includes the following:

I put together a folder with important documents, including:

  • Birth preferences worksheet (a couple copies)
  • Intake paperwork
  • Directions (two different ways to get there)
  • Important Numbers (Health insurance and parental leave information)
  • Car seat manual
  • Pediatrician info
  • Midwife info
  • Doula’s info

A “tub outfit” – bikini that still fits, in plastic bag to put it in after it gets wet – and a pair of thick fuzzy socks.

We are including some snacks, for both me and Mr. S.  Right now we have granola bars, honey graham crackers, and preggie pops.  I also plan on adding dried fruit and trail mix.  I may also have Mr. S make and pack some sandwiches while we are in early labor in case we need some food after the baby is born and the cafeteria and nearby restaurants are not open.  If anyone has other good snack ideas, let me know!

I included plastic baggies with coconut oil, almond oil, a few essential oils for labor, and St. John’s Wort Oil, homeopathic arnica, and rescue remedy for aches and pains after labor.

Loose teas (lavender, raspberry leaf, chamomile) and tea bags.  (Thank you to my Mom at Passiflora Tea Room in Connecticut for providing the herbs and some of the essential oils!)  These are great herbs for labor and after labor, and lavender can also be used to scent the room.

Notebook with pen to record contractions and other notes.

There are also a bunch of things we need to add at the last minute – my wallet (esp id and insurance card), ipod, computer and power cord, camera with cord and extra battery, cell phones and chargers, pillows (in non-white pillowcases), blanket, water bottle – I have a list of them next to the bag to help us finish packing in early labor.

Our recovery bag includes extra clothes for me, Mr. S and Tiny One, toiletries, hair stuff, and towels for both me and Mr. S, blankets and prefolds to use as burp cloths for Tiny One.  We plan on using the hospital diapers while we are there.  It seems like a lot, and I do have a tendency to overpack… but I am viewing it as like staying in a hotel for a few days, except that the hotel does not have extra towels or other amenities.  We are lucky that they have a pull-out couch for Mr. S to use, but we were told to make sure to bring a pillow and blanket for him since they won’t provide them.

Our hospital bags all set to go near the door!


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