Prenatal Exercise DVDs: Honorable Mentions

I already shared my favorite prenatal exercise DVDs, but I have so many that I couldn’t help but share a few more!  Here are my honorable mentions:

This DVD features Olympic gold medalist swimmer Summer Sanders doing a strength workout with her sister-in-law, who is a personal trainer.  My favorite part of the DVD is that there are separate workouts for each trimester, and within each trimester you can choose to do the full or express workout.  Many of the moves use a resistance band, but you could also use weights or just use your own body resistance.  It is focused on strength moves, but because it keeps you constantly moving, it also gets my heart rate up!

 Pilates is a great workout generally, but many of the moves need to be adapted for pregnancy.  Lizbeth Garcia – who leads these workouts – is in her third trimester doing all of the moves, and explains how some of them have been adapted, which makes me more confident!  The DVD includes 5 separate 10 minute workouts as well as a bonus postnatal segment.  It is great to be able to pick which segments I want to do on a given day.

This workout is hard, but in a good way.  There is a standing segment and a floor segment, and the moves in both make my muscles burn.  Ideally, I would be able to get through the whole workout, but usually I get through either the standing or the floor workout (each about 20 minutes) and then do the stretch and relaxation.  This DVD’s stretching segment is my favorite.

I got this recently, so have not done it as much as the others.  Boy, did it burn and make me sore!  The bar method workout focuses on very particular muscle groups and makes them burn with very small motions.  This workout is led by an instructor who is in her third trimester with twins!  Each segment focuses on a body part, exercises it, and then stretches it.  I love how the instructor makes random comments relevant to pregnancy and having a baby – they make me laugh and keep me motivated.

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