Preschool Artist Study: Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci Inspired charcoal art

One of our artists this past school year was Leonardo Da Vinci.  Renaissance Italy is one of my favorite places and times to learn about – I almost created my own major in college just to study it more – so I especially enjoyed showing my children Leonardo’s artwork and reading books about his life.

This video includes how we do artist study, the artwork we looked at for Leonardo, and the other resources we used.  A list of the artwork and links to the resources are below (I found the artwork by searching for the title and “public domain”.)


1. Mona Lisa

See adjacent text.
2. The Last Supper

Image result for the last supper da vinci
3. Vitruvian Man

Image result for vitruvian man leonardo da vinci
4. Lady with an Ermine

5. Virgin and Child with St. Anne

Image result for virgin and child with saint anne by leonardo da vinci
6. Self-Portrait in Red Chalk

Image result for self portrait leonardo da vinci
7. Ginevra de’ Benci

Image result for ginevra de benci leonardo da vinci
8. Virgin of the Rocks

Leonardo Da Vinci - Vergine delle Rocce (Louvre).jpg

9. Head of Young Woman

Image result for head of a woman leonardo da vinci
10. The Annunciation

Image result for the annunciation leonardo da vinci


What Makes a Leonardo a

Leonardo da Vinci by Diane Stanley

Leonardo and the Flying Boy

Usborne Book of Famous Artists

Usborne Famous Painting Cards

Renaissance Art Book (Game)

Van Gogh and Friends Art Book (Game)

Impressionists Art Book (Game)

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