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Welcome and thanks for visiting!  My name is Julia and I am a homeschooling mom of two little ones – K, born December 2012, and T, born March 2015.  We live in Maryland with my software engineer husband, Mr. S.

Family, Spring 2016 | Happy Mom MusingsI am passionate about many things, including education, health, mothers and babies, food, and the environment.  I love to research and learn new things. I am a health coach working with women around fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum.  I post about my own experiences with pregnancy and motherhood here, but for more specific health information, please visit my business website and blog, Catch the Moon Wellness.

One of my newer hobbies is researching educational methods and homeschool curriculum for us to use.  I have Happy Mom Musings to share with friends and family what we are doing and as a record for myself, but I also hope that by sharing some of what I have found and tried I can help inspire other homeschool parents!

Secular Homeschoolers

We are not religious homeschoolers, so I may refer to secular materials and homeschool resources.  However, I want to emphasize that we are not anti-religious.  I find great inspiration from religious homeschool blogs and resources, I just leave out the specific religious aspects for our family.  That being said, I am teaching the children about all of the major world religions and we do attend a Unitarian Universalist Congregation and learn about the 7 UU Principles.


I may post about environmental topics now and again, often related to health or education, but I also manage the blog for my congregation’s green team.  You can check us out here!

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