Second Pregnancy: 8 Months

Second Pregnancy: 8 Months | Happy Mom MusingsThis past month I got quite a lot of nesting done!  I have been cleaning the house as well as putting some of the creative energy I am feeling into projects – some for the home and some for materials and toys for K and Little Squish.  The crib and the upstairs changing pad are now set up, I have started compiling birth and postpartum supplies, and I have started putting together the important information and resources for birth.  Part of the reason I’ve been so productive is that the weather has just been cold and icky, so we haven’t gotten outside as much as we used to.  I am hoping that I can finish up much of my nesting preparations for baby (aside from the maintenance cleaning of course) in February, and then it may be nicer weather for us to go out in during March (March is always pretty variable here, but there should be some good days).  However, I am also getting more and more tired, so I am not accomplishing as much as fast as I would like.

Baby is the Size of: a butternut squash (around 18 in and between 4.5 and 5.5 lbs)

Baby’s Heart Rate: 140 at 31 weeks 6 days, around 140 at 33 weeks 6 days (he was moving around a lot)

Total Weight Gain: 29 lbs

Fundal Height: 33 cm at 31 weeks 6 days, 35 cm at 33 weeks 6 days

Second Pregnancy: 8 Months | Happy Mom Musings

31 weeks first pregnancy (left), ad second pregnancy (right).  I think the fundal height with K was exactly average and this time it is consistently a cm ahead, so my belly is actually a bit bigger.

Cravings: Sweets and fat, especially chocolate.  Also, warm things; probably, because it’s been cold.

What I have been Eating: Too much chocolate! (And it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet.  ;))  Overall, I’ve been eating pretty healthy.  Although, I am constantly hungry and am not sure I am eating enough.  I almost always start the day with some eggs and veggies, and I have been satisfying my chocolate cravings with dark chocolate and larabars.  They both contain sugar, but at least have some redeeming qualities as well (larabars are made with dates and nuts).  I have also splurged by getting some bacon the past few weeks – yummy and so satisfying!

Exercise: I have been sporadic with my workouts.  We have done some walking, and I have done some exercise dvds, but not as consistently as I would like.  I have been doing my pregnancy exercises regularly, but not every day.

Sleep: My mind just keeps going at night and I have been having trouble sleeping –  so I have either been staying up way too late or waking up really early in the morning not able to sleep for a while.

Baby Movement: He is still pretty active and many of his movements are quite strong; sometimes he moves in ways that are painful… K did that as well.  He has been mostly head down for a couple of weeks now, but recently, I feel like he has been flipping to transverse (sideways) when I lay down.  This is making me nervous, but he always seems to get back head down once I am up and move around a bit.  Sometimes I feel rhythmic little bumps that I think are baby hiccups.

Second Pregnancy: 8 Months | Happy Mom Musings

K listening to the baby with her stethoscope

Symptoms: Fatigue and pregnancy insomnia, having to pee a lot (!), I need to be eating almost constantly or I start to feel icky.  I have been feeling practice pressure waves (hypnobabies’ phrase for contractions), especially when I’ve been moving a lot or on my feet for a while.  I was a bit concerned, but Mr. S reminded me that I had them with K too.  I am also big enough that it is getting difficult to do things that require bending over, such as putting on my shoes.

Birth Preparation: I have started listening to hypnobabies more often – every night when I go to sleep and some days when I put K in her room for quiet time (she is welcome to nap, but often does not). Still doing belly dance, listening to my pregnancy affirmations and doing my exercises/stretches.

Rings on or off: Still on, except when I am painting (I put them on a chain around my neck so they don’t get dirty)

Belly Button: In, but barely.

Second Pregnancy: 8 Months | Happy Mom Musings

It’s getting harder to see from below the belly!

What I miss: Sleeping, as I have been waking up really early in the morning not able to go back to sleep.  I did crave sushi the other day – I will have to get some in my belly after this baby comes out!

What I’m Loving: Feeling baby move.  The creative energy that I have had.  I have been doing a bunch of craft projects – which I will share soon!

What I’m looking forward to: Relaxing (hopefully I will have my nesting under control soon…)  And my birthday is coming up this week.  I am starting to think more about actually meeting this little person and getting excited.  What do you think he will look like?

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