Second Pregnancy: 9 Months

Second Pregnancy: 9 Month UpdateThe past few weeks have been good.  I have been in a really good mood as we are in the final stretch.  Well, aside from some emotional moments…  Sometimes, I am overwhelmed with the things I want to get done and my lack of energy to do them.  And, honestly, K has been challenging me with some of her behavior.  But overall, we are all happy and healthy and looking forward to Little Squish’s arrival.  We got the car seat in the car, I have made my postpartum tea, frozen another meal and some cookie dough, and am plugging away at my cleaning tasks.

Last weekend I took a day for myself to take some time to relax and do my own belly blessing.  I did a henna design on my belly to represent the new life growing inside it.  The design is still dark on my skin now, and it is a great visual reminder of how awesome my body is whenever I see it.  I also started working on some affirmation to hang around the house to inspire me during labor.

Second Pregnancy: 9 Month UpdateBaby is the Size of: a pumpkin (19.5 inches and almost 7 lbs)  Of course this varies widely at this point in pregnancy as healthy, full term babies can be between 5.5 and 10 lbs.  Our midwife estimated he was about 7 lbs at our 37 week appointment, so he is likely a bit bigger now.

Baby’s Heart Rate: Low 150s at our 36 week 6 day and 37 week 4 day appointments.

Total Weight Gain:  36.5 lbs

Fundal Height: 37 cm at 36 weeks 6 days, 38 cm at 37 weeks 4 days (apparently it becomes a less accurate measure now).

Inches Gained: 2.5 in in my chest, 5.5 in around my waist, 9.5 in around my belly, and 5.5 in around my hips.  I haven’t really been measuring my arms and legs, although they have probably grown as well…  I am curious to see how my measurements change in the early postpartum weeks, just as a function of birthing the baby and placenta, and losing some water weight, etc.

Cravings: Warm, cooked foods.  It may be all the snow and cold, or it could be that my digestive system has slowed down… New mamas are also supposed to avoid raw and cold foods in early postpartum, so maybe that applies in late pregnancy as well.

What I have been Eating: Still eating healthy overall, although we are eating a little more pasta than usual – for simplicity and convenience sake – and I have indulged in some treats, including some ice cream and homemade chocolate chip cookies (I had to bake a batch before freezing the rest!)

Second Pregnancy: 9 Month Update

K is my helper when I bake.

Exercise: I’ve been doing lots of cleaning, which uses up pretty much all of the energy I have…  I really want to get outside for walks, but it’s been cold and icy and snowy.  I am looking forward to nicer weather (which is supposed to start next week!) so we can go on our walks again.

Sleep: I still am having trouble falling asleep and am waking up throughout the night. I am often up for an hour or two in the really early morning.  If I can’t go back to sleep, I get a snack and read a book until I am tired enough to drift off.  I have been able to take naps in the afternoon when Mr. S is home, though.

Baby Movement: He still moves a bunch, but it is not usually kicks, but rather full body squirms and movements.

Symptoms: Heartburn.  Not as often as I did when pregnant with K, but when I do get it it has been bad.  I also have been having sciatic pain – my chiropractor gave me some stretches and exercises to do which help a bit, but it always comes back at night and is especially bad when I get up to use the bathroom.  I also occasionally wake up with leg and hip cramps and I have been having pelvic pain from the pressure of baby being on or in my pelvis.  I have been wearing my belt during the day to help with the pelvic pain.  No swelling or anything this time, though (knock on wood…)

Birth Preparation: I have been doing a lot of hypnobabies – I have actually been doing at least one hypnosis track a day – because it feels really good to take that time to relax and focus on me and the baby.  I have been drinking at least a quart of red raspberry leaf tea a day in addition to at least a cup of my herbal tea mix of alfalfa, raspberry leaf and nettle, and eating between 4 and 6 medjool dates.  Sometimes, they are just too sweet for me to get in the full 6…

Rings On or Off: On with room to move.

Belly Button: Flat; maybe a little out?  It never went out last time!

What I miss: Sleep and the ability to move easily and gracefully (especially when lying down).

What I’m Loving: Feeling baby move.  Spending time relaxing and giving K extra cuddles.

Second Pregnancy: 9 Month Update

Loving my amazing belly, stretch marks and all.

What I’m looking forward to: Holding this sweet baby and seeing what he looks like!

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