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Our Summer Garden 2016

We expanded our garden this summer, and I am quite proud of it!  I grew several plants from seeds in the spring, including the basil, thyme, calendula, and chamomile. July   August September Most of my plants are going strong and I am continuing to harvest them into October (our first frost is usually mid-October). …

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Solstice 2013

On Friday, we celebrated the summer solstice!  This is part of my creating a yearly rhythm with family traditions.  It also helps put us back in touch with the rhythms of nature, and I just love an excuse to celebrate anything!  Here is our day in pictures.

10 Ways to Celebrate Midsummer

This Friday is Midsummer – the Summer Solstice!  We think of it as the beginning of summer, but actually, it is the middle of summer since after this date the days start getting shorter again. 🙁  But the days will still be longer than night until the fall equinox, so don’t panic!  Here are some…