The Business of Being Born

I can’t remember what I was doing when I found the website for this video online, but it immediately pulled me in.  I watched the video online and proceeded to immediately order my own copy.  Since then I have also purchased the follow-up ‘More Business of Being Born’ and have watched both videos several times.

I honestly wish that every woman who wants to have their own children, and their friends and families, would watch this movie.  You don’t have to agree with the conclusions that Ricky Lake and Abby Epstein come to.  But it is really useful for bringing to light many issues with childbirth in America today that are not often discussed and it will definitely make you think.  I have been accused of over-researching things, but I think it is extremely important that women and their partners take ownership of their health and the health of their baby and know why they are making each decision.  Let me clarify from the get-go, they are not against OB-GYNs or interventions if they are necessary.  And in some cases they are.  As one midwife in the movie says (I am paraphrasing): Obstetricians are surgeons and many of them are very skilled at what they do.  They should be doing surgeries all day, every day, when they are necessary.  They should not be doing normal, risk-free childbirth.

The Business of Being Born – Trailer

This movie is a great introduction.  If you are more interested or want a more in depth look at these issues, check out ‘More Business of Being Born’ which has segments on midwives and doulas, Ina May Gaskin (world-renowned midwife), VBACs, and interviews with celebrity Moms.

More Business of Being Born – Trailer

For my family in friends who live around me, if you are interested I am happy to have you over to watch one or both of the movies.  (I will even make treats!)

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