Third Pregnancy: 4 Months

I am so happy to be doing a monthly update with my third baby! This baby is something I have been wishing for for a while, but life happens. I am so grateful to experience pregnancy again, even though the first trimester was really really rough. For right now, I am calling this baby “Sprout” since she or he is due in June (and I am so excited about my garden this year.) Hopefully, I will be posting one of these updates each month, like I did for my pregnancy with T; and I may even do some video updates on my youtube channel, so make sure to subscribe to me there. For more details on how the first trimester went, you can read my First Trimester Recap post.

Baby is the Size of: an Avocado (about 4.5 inches – crown to rump – and 3.5 oz)

Baby’s Heart Rate: 155 at 12 weeks 4 days

Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs

Inches Gained: 2 inches?  I don’t really have a good starting measurement for this, so I am estimating based on measurements I took several months before we conceived.

Cravings: Sushi 🙁 (Which I obviously can’t eat. I guess I can eat the veggie version, but it’s not easy to find where we live.)

What I have been Eating: macaroni and cheese, yogurt with granola, eggs with greens, bacon, bread (especially sourdough). That’s a lot of dairy and carbs… Most meat has not been particularly appetizing to me, so I am eating more dairy for protein.

Exercise: Just walking around the house and doing daily tasks has been exhausting.  I do plan to be more purposeful about exercising now, though.

Maternity Clothes: Yes!  I got a bunch of new maternity clothes from Pink Blush Maternity and Old Navy a few weeks ago.  My wardrobe needed an update in general (I did not have any long sleeve shirts or leggings that fit…) and I decided to just go ahead and make a maternity wardrobe.  I may get a few more pieces in the spring, but I got a lot of basics that should get me through most of pregnancy. Since I am even bigger than I was with T at this point, it feels so much better to be wearing maternity clothes than trying to squeeze into pre-pregnancy items that I didn’t feel great in even before pregnancy.

Sleep: I have been restless and uncomfortable.  I keep ending up on my back, and then my back hurts.  But I am often not comfortable on my side.  Plus, I get up to pee several times. I know I need to get back to a chiropractor, and I am hoping that will help with the discomfort.

Baby Movement: A little bit.  Especially after I drink milk.  It’s not really kicking, just general moving around in there.  Baby was so active during the 12 week ultrasound!  I keep trying to feel more, but it is very sporadic at this point.

Symptoms: Fatigue – I am so tired!  Probably because I am not sleeping great… Heartburn. Occasional headaches.  My belly has been itching, which I take as a cue to go put some oil and lotion on.

What I miss: Sushi.  Being productive.

What I’m Loving: T talking to the baby – he says, “hello, cute baby in there!” – and the holidays with the kids!

What I’m looking forward to: Our 20 Week ultrasound, starting to put the house together for baby, feeling more baby movement.

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