Third Pregnancy: 6 Month Update

One month until the third trimester! Now that I am feeling better, time is flying by. It may also be that there is much I want to do before baby arrives and that is making the time go faster!

Baby is the Size of: an ear of corn

Baby’s Heart Rate: 143 at 23 weeks, 5 days

Fundal Height: 23 cm

Total Weight Gain: 20 lbs

Inches Gained: No measurements this month

My Blood Pressure: 110/65

Cravings: Everything! I am just really hungry.

What I have been Eating: Yogurt, fresh mozzarella, pasta, bacon, eggs, and sauteed greens

Exercise:  Not much – just normal daily activity…

Maternity Clothes: Yes, with a few non maternity yoga pants still in rotation.

Sleep: Still inconsistent.  Some nights I have trouble sleeping, others I just get up several times to use the bathroom.

Baby Movement: Lots of movement – it is so fun! Mostly on the sides. I think she is currently transverse

Symptoms: Inconsistent sleep is making me tired. Still a bit itchy at night. Hungry all of the time

What I’m Loving: Feeling baby move!

What I’m looking forward to: Spring!  Warmer weather and getting outside more.  Continuing to get house ready for baby.

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