To K (aka Tiny One) at 18 Months

K is the new blog name for Tiny One.  For an explanation, see ‘K, the artist formally known as Tiny One.’

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom MusingsDear K,

There has been a big change for us over the past few months as we moved out of our one-bedroom apartment and into a town-home. It is so exciting to have this new space! Although, I was a little sad when we were leaving our apartment as that was our home when I was pregnant with you and for so many of your firsts. You are handling the change very well, and have grown so much over the last few months. (Not physically as much as developmentally). What a quintessential toddler you are right now! You run and climb everywhere, you learn new words every day, and your favorite words are ‘no’ and ‘uh-oh.’

Physical Development

You just keep growing. I think your rate of growth has slowed down a bit though, and you have slimmed out since your 15 month appointment. You are a pro at walking – you now have several shoes that are not ‘early walkers’ and do well in them. You also climb on everything. You can do the stairs safely by yourself on your knees and your bottom, but you prefer to hold on to a hand or the handrail and go up like a big person on your feet (which still makes Mama nervous, but we are practicing).

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYou still love to dance; you spin, bounce, stamp your feet, or sway whenever you hear music. Sometimes you sing too. It makes me so happy whenever I see you dance or sing. You still love to swing at the playground, but you also climb the stairs to go down the slide and explore everywhere.

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom Musings

Tree pose is fun!

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom MusingsThe Beco Gemini carrier we have been using is too small for you now – it is not comfortable for me or you – so Mama got a woven wrap so that I can still wear you on my back. It takes longer to put you on, but is more comfortable and gives us more options for different types of carries. It is also beautiful. Our wrap is a Didymos Indio Emerald.

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom Musings

Happily wrapped on my back, eating a chocolate cookie.

You have been actually coloring (not just eating the crayons). You seem to enjoy it and ask to color every day. Unfortunately, you sometimes want to write on things other than paper… but we are working on it. We have also played with homemade play dough. I have some other art supplies that I am waiting just a bit longer to introduce you too – I need to figure out how to contain the mess!

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom MusingsLanguage Development

This past month or so you have been going through a language explosion! You went from about 14 words at 15 months to more than 60 at 18 months. Some of the words are not clear and sound like each other, so the signs have been useful in deciphering (for example ‘ba’ means several words, but when making the sign for ‘bird’ it is clearly a bird.) Your clearest words are ‘baby,’ ‘bye-bye,’ ‘uh-oh,’ and, of course, ‘no!’ My favorite word of yours right now is “two.” You understand that it is a number, so when we ask you ‘how many’ of anything you answer “two!”

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom Musings

“Talking on the phone” You didn’t know it, but I unplugged it first…

It is clear that you understand pretty much everything we say and you can recognize and even identify objects you can’t say. We have to be careful what we say around you! (That’s a warning to family and friends too!)

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYou still love to read, and will often bring books to me, asking me to read them. Your favorite books recently have been Big Sarah’s Little Boots, by Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark, I Like Trucks, by Philemon Sturges (both from Aunt Mary and Uncle Chucky), the DK My First Word Board Book (which we must have gotten from my parents, since the items are all from the 80s!), and the Angelina Ballerina books by Katharine Holabird (we have a few and often take one out at the library too). You ask to read these over and over again, and you often ask to read other books too. You often steal your Daddy’s books and look like you are reading them, which is adorable. I hope you will love to read as much as your Daddy and I as it is such a fun and soul-nourishing activity.

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom MusingsStats

You actually lost some weight at 30 lbs 7 oz (you were 30 lbs 13 oz at 15 months), but we are not worried as you are still above 95% on the growth chart and are very healthy. You did grow taller again, you are now 34 inches, which is right around 95%. Your head circumference is 18.5 inches.

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYour wardrobe right now is a mix of 2T and 3T with a few 24 month pieces left. You fit well in the 2T on top, but the bottoms are a little small, especially with the gdiapers, so I just started getting all of your new clothes in 3T. Large gdiapers still fit you (thank goodness!) because you slimmed out, although I am thinking of getting bigger prefolds to stuff them with, and you still wear size 5 disposables.  You have several pairs of new shoes (thanks to your Nonna) and seem to be between toddler sizes 6-8, depending on the brand.


Your first year molars have all cut through, and we are now working on the canines. You went through several weeks when they really seemed to be bothering you, but I think we are past the worst of it. (I really hope I didn’t just jinx us…) Three of the four have cut through – you can see the little pointy fangs coming in. I think the fourth is cutting through as we speak. This means that you have 15-16 teeth and I believe only the two-year molars have yet to come in. (I will be relieved when teething is done!)


To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom MusingsOver the last few weeks you have moved from sleeping in the crib in Mama and Daddy’s room to your own bed on the floor of your room. Mama and Daddy had been thinking about this for a while, and decided to give it a try and it has been working pretty well. It is harder to get you to fall asleep initially, because you can get out of your bed and play with things, but once you are asleep you sleep pretty well. Your whole room is baby proofed, with just your stuffed animals, dress up box, and some books available to you.  You do still manage to make quite the mess when you take your clothes out of your dresser and spread the books and animals all over the floor, though.


So much has happened over the past few months! For Easter, you received a baby doll and she has become your favorite toy. She often comes in the car and on walks with us and you cuddle her to go to sleep. You give her hugs and kisses, rock her in the rocking chair and generally give her lovings. It is so sweet to see. I think you will make a wonderful mother one day. You also like to put the baby under a blanket for “nigh nigh,” and sometimes like to pretend to go night-night yourself.

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom MusingsAs I mentioned before, we have moved to a townhouse where you have your own room. The house gives you so much more room to run and explore, and with a toddler playground right outside the house and a lake with a nice walking path around it nearby, we are both very happy.

This past month we drove north to visit your Daddy’s parents (and grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) and my grandparents and aunts (your great-grandparents and great-aunts). We had a great time. You enjoyed running around your Nonna and Pepere’s house and helped them wash fruit and watched them cook. Mama and Daddy even got to go out to a nice dinner while you played with your Nonna, Pepere, and two great-grandmas.

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom Musings

Washing Cherries with Pepere

At your great-grandparent’s apartment building you always make everyone who sees you smile. We also spent some quality time with your great-aunts – one gave us a driving tour of Buffalo and the other took us to Niagara Falls. We endured some long car rides on this trip and you were as good as we could have asked for. You are so much happier in your forward-facing seat (which we got around the same time we moved), and you slept for much of the trip. At other times we occupied you with food, books, your baby, or music.

To K at 18 Months | Happy Mom Musings

With Aunt Julie at Niagara Falls

There is so much I love right now about being your Mama.  I don’t want to forget: how you take my hand and walk beside me when I say it’s time to “share the path” on our walks; how you sometimes alternate kisses between me and your Daddy; that you give me a big hug when I am upset or hurt; listening to you sing and talk to yourself while absorbed in your own play, usually when you wake up in the morning; and how you say “two” in the most adorable voice.  You make me laugh all the time, and you give wonderful hugs and kisses, especially nose kisses!



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  1. I love how you randomly call family members on Mommy’s phone. We had a great conversation last week and I see what Mommy says about your vocabulary. You are even smart enough to string words together in a way that makes sense! Never doubt that you have a big family that loves you very much. Thanks for all the joy you bring to us!

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