To K at 2.5 Years

To K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsDear K,

My sweet girl, you are growing up so fast. You are much less a baby now and are transitioning into being a “kid.” You are very independent and like to explore, which often leads to me having to tell you no, which you do not like. Obviously, the biggest change in the past 6 months is that you have a new baby brother! You are an amazing big sister. You love to give T cuddles, kisses, and show him what you have – such as a green crayon or teddy bear.

To K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou have been engaging in lots of imaginative play. Your favorites are playing doctor (inspired my the show “Doc McStuffins”) and cooking. It is fun to see you play, but I don’t love it when there are random objects all over the house or writing on the walls.

To K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsPhysical

You run, jump, climb, dance. Recently you have been turning your armchair upside down, climbing on top and jumping or sliding down.

To K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

You loved playing in the snow this past winter

We recently tried potty training, but it became a battle each time I tried to get you to sit on the potty, so we are going to wait a while longer.


You speak – a lot – in full sentences about lots of different things. You share your likes and dislikes, and let us know what you want and don’t want at all times.

To K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Swinging is still your favorite thing to do on the playground

You discovered pictures of some small mammals in our Smithsonian magazine and became obsessed with the red ruffed lemur. You started talking about the red ruffed lemurs to everyone all of the time. (We had to translate for family members, because none of us had heard of the red ruffed lemur before.) Aunt Jan found you a stuffed red ruffed lemur – which you love! And when your Nonna and Pepere came to visit, we went to the zoo and saw some live.

To K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Red ruffed lemurs at the zoo

You love to sing. I will sing you a song a few times, and then a few days or weeks later I will hear you sing it. It is so fun! Your favorite song is frosty the snowman – even in June you sing it often. Some impressive songs that you sing include, “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music, and Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game,” which you call the ‘pony song’ (because “the painted ponies go up and down.”)


You still love shrimp and chicken. Other favorites are asparagus, Brussel sprouts and broccoli (really non-green leafy veggies). Recently you have not been eating eggs, but you will eat bacon and oatmeal for breakfast. Your favorite snacks are pouches (made with fruits, veggies, and sometimes yogurt), cheese and raisins or dried cranberries. I often eat trail mix and you often steal my cashews (I won’t let you have raw almonds yet.)

Favorite things

Red ruffed lemurs

Your brother, T

To K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

TV shows – Doc McStuffins, Daniel Tiger, Doozers (I have been letting you watch way too much TV while I am nursing your brother, since it keeps you calm and out of trouble.)

Art – coloring, play dough, painting

To K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Painting with water colors


You are about 35.5 lbs and 37 inches tall. You grew 2 inches since your last check-up and lost a little weight.  As usual, you are perfect!  You wear size 4T clothing, and size 6 diapers. You have outgrown our cloth diapers, so you have been wearing disposables. I think all of your baby teeth are finally in! (Yay! We get a few months break before your brother starts teething…)

To K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsTo K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

We have had the opportunity to see lots of family between people visiting and attending your Aunt Jackie’s high school graduation.  You thoroughly enjoyed playing with all of your relatives.

To K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsTo K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsTo K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsTo K at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Happy half birthday my smart, funny, beautiful girl! I love you!

Love always,


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