To K at 2 Years (Happy Birthday!)

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Dear K,

Happy Birthday!  In the past 2 years, you have grown from a helpless (but adorable) infant into a beautiful, walking, running, climbing and talking toddler.

You are discovering yourself – your likes and dislikes – and are making them known to others.  You are very independent and strong-willed (you are a toddler!). You want to do everything yourself (but you do ask for help when you want it), and some of your favorite words are “no” and “mine”! Sometimes, this is very difficult for Mommy and Daddy because we are trying to set limits so that you don’t hurt yourself or destroy things. It is especially difficult for Mommy now because you are very physical, and I have trouble catching and holding on to you with your brother in my belly.

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Wearing you on a hike before my belly got heavy.

You are so vocal now. Not only do you speak in sentences, we have conversations. You also remember things from several weeks and months ago and make connections to what is happening now. You can use sentences to explain what you want or are thinking, although you don’t always.

We both have been enjoying some Montessori activities, and recently I have increased the number of those activities I have offered you.  I hope to do a separate post (or series of posts) about that soon.

What You Love Right Now

It is so fun to see the world through your eyes – everything is new and exciting.  You love all sorts of inclement weather – snow, rain, wind, etc – on our walks you often tell me “it’s windy” and laugh.  You love to dance.  You got a tutu for your birthday and I showed you some videos of ballets – Swan Lake is by far your favorite.  You dance all of the time, and especially love spinning and doing “swan lake pose” – which is when you lift one leg up behind you (in arabesque).  You also enjoy doing art, which is mostly just coloring with your crayons and colored pencils, although we recently tried finger painting and you are enjoying the play-dough your Aunts got you for your birthday.

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou have had an explosion of imaginary play recently, which is such fun to watch.  Aunt Mary gave you a medical kit as an early birthday present, and you love to use it to “fix” Mommy and your stuffed animals.  My favorite part is when you listen to the baby with your stethoscope.  You also pretend to cook a lot – sometimes using real spices (which I really need to move out of your reach…)

Since Mommy has been more tired (growing a person is a lot of work) we have been letting you watch some tv.  You love both “Arthur” and “Daniel Tiger.”  You would watch them all the time if you could.  Unfortunately, whenever we turn it off you throw a temper-tantrum – this does not make Mommy more inclined to let you watch it!

You still love to read.  It made Mommy happy how excited you got about receiving books as Christmas and birthday presents.  You have many favorites, and they change regularly, but some from the past three months include: Stellaluna by Janell Cannon, Pelle’s New Suit by Elsa Beskow (we enjoyed this when we took it out from the library, so we added it to our Christmas list, and Grandma and Grandpa got it for you), Angelina Ballerina by Katherine Holabird and Helen Craig, Little Fairy Can’t Sleep by Daniela Drescher (a new one), and during December you loved The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg (you called it the “train book.”)

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Reading in a box!

You are still a pretty good eater, although you will go through phases where you just won’t eat as much, and sometimes you get so hungry, but don’t connect that you just need to eat and so have a meltdown.  I try to prevent this by feeding us both often.  Your favorite foods right now include: shrimp (you really enjoy all seafood), berries, cheese, chicken (but not fried), and any kind of pasta or noodles.


You are 33.5 lbs (97 percentile in weight) and about 35 inches tall (83 percentile in height).  Your head circumference is 19 inches (I wonder when they stop measuring that…).  You wear 3T and 4T clothes, and are in size 6 disposables and large gdiapers.  You have definitely thinned out over the last several month – it seems like you have lost a lot of your baby fat – but you are solidly built and so still big for your age.

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom Musings

You are such a Daddy’s girl – most times you prefer him over everyone else.


Those 2-year molars are working on coming in. You have been having pain, your fingers and other objects have been in your mouth a lot, and we are back to using your cold strawberry teether.  I really hope they finish coming in soon.

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom MusingsSleep

You have been battling me for naptime, so I tried dropping it, which made bedtime much easier and helped you sleep longer at night, but you get so cranky by the end of the day I think you still need a nap. We are now doing “quiet-time” again to see if I can get you to take a short nap during the day, although it hasn’t worked yet.


You have two little potties – one upstairs and one on the main floor – which you use occasionally, but not regularly enough not to need diapers.  You are basically exploring going in the potty right now, and we are not pushing you because (1) I don’t think you are really ready, and (2) you are about to have a baby brother who will throw it all off!  I am thinking that we will try to get serious next summer.

You were a yellow butterfly for Halloween.  It was your favorite color at the time, and Mommy’s first time making a Halloween costume.  We didn’t go trick-or-treating, but we went for a walk, and you helped me hand out candy to trick-or-treaters (which I was very excited about!)

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom Musings

We saw lots of family over the holidays.  You love being social and playing with your relatives.  Plus, you got lots of toys and books for Christmas and your birthday!

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom Musings

With Aunt Alex

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Reading “Dragonology” with Uncle Nick – you are a fan of dragons right now.

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Reading a new book with Grandpa.

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Playing with play-dough with Nonna and Pepere.

To K at 2 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Being chased by the “Purple People Eater” – aka Aunt Julie

Happy Birthday, my terrific two-year old!


Mommy/Mama (you call me both now)

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