To K at 21 Months

To K at 21 Months | Happy Mom MusingsDear K,

These last few months have been all about language!  There are some other notables as well, of course, but it is amazing how much more articulate you are now.  At this rate, we will be having deep conversations by the time you are two!

Physical Development

Over the past few months you are starting to look older and less like a baby.  It does make me a little sad that you are growing so fast, but I also often find myself blown away by the beautiful girl you are growing into.

To K at 21 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYou are still a very active little girl.  Around 19 months, you mastered jumping on both feet, and you are now getting really good at the stairs.  You often step up and down like an adult, usually holding a hand or the railing, although we have seen you step down without holding anything (which scares Mommy and Daddy a little bit). You also still love to play with water.  We got a stool for your bathroom upstairs so that you can reach the sink to wash your hands and brush your teeth (we do still help you with these things) and you love to just stand on the stool and play with the water.  You could do it for hours, but for the sake of conserving water, we don’t let you do it for very long.

On our frequent walks, you now spend more time outside of your stroller than in it.  You love to walk and run down the path.  Sometimes you help me push the stroller, and sometimes you just run on ahead.

To K at 21 Months | Happy Mom MusingsLanguage Development

Oh my gosh!  I think you had around 60 words at 18 months; I lost track a few months later when you surpassed 100.  You must have more than 200 now.  Not only are you saying new words everyday, your words are clearer – you actually pronounce the ends of most words – and you are even putting sentences together.  I think you made your first identifiable sentence around 20 months.  I don’t know exactly what it was, but it may have been ‘walk dog’ or ‘call Daddy’ since you say those often.  (We don’t actually have a dog, but you say this when you see other people walking their dogs).  Now you regularly talk to us in sentences, although we don’t always understand what you are saying.  My favorite so far is when I asked you what you were trying to get from the counter and you replied ‘phone to call White.’  (White is the white egret that we see sometimes out on the lake who you insist is your friend and talk about often.)  You repeat whatever anyone else says, and say new words every day.  Sometimes you confuse the ‘s,’ ‘f,’ and ‘th’ sounds, and you still babble with those sounds occasionally, but you are young you have some time to figure it out.

To K at 21 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYou understand so much more now.  You have a long memory and are very persistent so if you want something, it is not easy to redirect or distract you.  You are very stubborn and want what you want when you want it.  You also want to do everything yourself.  While we try to create a toddler-friendly environment and let you do many things, there are some things that are just not safe for you to do.  Those are often the things you really want to do yourself.  You are getting better at some things, such as waiting.  If I ask you to wait, you will say ‘wait’ and usually will be patient for a few minutes.

Your favorite activities at home are reading and coloring.  You often tell me what you are drawing – often ‘White’ (the bird), a baby, or whatever you happen to be interested in at that moment.


You just keep growing.  I am not sure if you are taller, but you definitely feel heavier.  Sometimes you step on my scale, and I think you are somewhere between 30 and 35 pounds.  You are wearing mostly 3T clothes now, with a couple of 2T shirts and some 4T pieces, including your coats.

To K at 21 Months | Happy Mom MusingsTeeth

Your canines finished coming in relatively quickly, so now we are waiting for the 2-year molars.  There have been a few times where you have been extra fussy and have been chewing things at the corners of your mouth – so I think they may be slowly making their way up through the gums.


You take one nap a day (most days) from around 2pm-4pm – sometimes it is shorter and sometimes longer.  It is much harder to get you to nap when Daddy is home, even if he is in his office working… Bedtime is not great.  You just want Daddy and, honestly, we could be doing a better job with your routine.  I promise we’ll work on it soon.

To K at 21 Months | Happy Mom Musings

This photo makes me laugh! I had to hold in my laughter to take it without waking you up.


You love having visitors, and we have been lucky enough to see a bunch of family members in the past few months.  In August, Aunt Julie came to visit for a few days.  Oh boy, did you have fun!  You talked and sang and danced for her, and loved playing with her key-chain monkey.

To K at 21 Months | Happy Mom MusingsAlso in August, we spent a week in Martha’s Vineyard with Mommy’s brother and sisters.  On the way, we stopped at Mystic Aquarium with your Grandpa.  It was nice to see him and I think you both enjoyed yourselves.

To K at 21 Months | Happy Mom MusingsOnce you got used to the feeling of sand, I think you really liked the beach!  But while you love water, you did not like the waves.  I don’t know if it was because the water was so cold or because it scared you… maybe both.  But you loved having one of the adults go fill your bucket with water and then let you carry and dump it out.  You also enjoyed playing with your shovel.  One of the first things you did was shovel sand onto Aunt Alex!

To K at 21 Months | Happy Mom Musings

To K at 21 Months | Happy Mom MusingsA few weekends ago, your Nonna, Pepere, and two great-grandmothers (all on Daddy’s side) came to visit.  You showed them our walk around the lake, and even carved a pumpkin with Gigi and Nonna.  Nonna also bought you some new shoes, which you love.  It is funny to see you in the shoe store – you love shoe shopping already, and you’re not even two!

To K at 21 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYou make me laugh and challenge me every day.  And every day I am grateful I get to be your Mommy.



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