To K at 3.5 Years

To K at 3.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsDear K,

You have grown and learned so much in the past 6 months, I wanted to do another post for you.  You are definitely stubborn and passionate.  When you don’t want to do something, you fight hard against doing it – the most common example is sleep.  Many nights we hear, “I won’t sleep!  I am never going to sleep!”  You are also funny, loving, and so creative.

To K at 3.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou no longer sit in a high chair/booster seat.  I am not sure exactly when that happened.  You help us chop sometimes, and can cut some of your own food at meals.  You love dumplings (chinese style with pork), all forms of pasta and noodles, cheese (especially cheddar and gouda), Annie’s fruit gummies, and dark chocolate (especially the brand “Endangered Species,” since there are animals on the packaging).

To K at 3.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou are so loving towards your brother, except when he steals or messes up your toys – which is completely understandable.  You often give each other hugs and kisses and wrestle with each other.  You also love to boss him around a bit and tell me when he is doing something he is not supposed to.  This is definitely a big sister trait. 😉

To K at 3.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsOver the past 9 months, you have learned all of the single and double letter sounds (based on the 40 sounds in the English language) and the numbers 1-10.  You can count higher, but don’t necessarily recognize the symbols for them yet.  We have also been learning the months of the year, days of the week, and the continents of the world.

To K at 3.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou have started asking so many questions!  Many of them revolve around animals – what a particular animal eats and how it protects itself from predators.  You love to read about animals, too, and often pretend to care for or that you are certain animals.  Recently, you have been pretending to be a pony and sometimes you say you want to be an animal doctor when you grow up.  (I think that would be a fun job for you!)

To K at 3.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou are also interested in dinosaurs.  We have been taking out many books from the library related to dinosaurs and I recently bought you a whole bunch of toy dinosaurs (which I find all over the house…).  On our recent trip to Connecticut, Grandpa, Uncle Nick, and Aunt Jackie all joined us at Dinosaur State Park, where we saw dinosaur footprints and skulls, and got to go on a fun nature walk.  We have been talking about making you and T a dinosaur-themed bedroom, and throwing you a dinosaur birthday party when you turn 4.  Hopefully, your interest will last, because I have some great ideas!

To K at 3.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsAlso on that trip, you were a flower girl at your Aunt Alex’s wedding!  You did so well walking down the aisle and during the festivities all you wanted to do was dance!

To K at 3.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsSleep is still a struggle with you.  You fight bedtime, even when you are very tired, and you still wake up occasionally throughout the night and want Daddy to cuddle you.  Both you and Daddy end up exhausted in the morning, so we are working on addressing it.

To K at 3.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsWe signed you up for swim lessons this summer.  You enjoy them overall, and especially enjoy the other girls in your class, but do not like to put your face under the water.

To K at 3.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou just keep learning and growing and it is sometimes hard for Mommy and Daddy to keep up!  We love you, Munchkin!

Love always,








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