To K at 3 Years

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsDear K,

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!  At 3 years, you are so energetic, intelligent, strong-willed, opinionated, and funny.

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsThe biggest update is that you now use the potty all day! You still wear a diaper at night, but that is normal for your age.

At 3 years you have fantastic gross motor control. You still love to dance – most of the time it looks like modern dance to me. Your signature move is lifting your foot, with your knee bent and bending your upper body towards it. (Kind of a crooked arabesque…) You can climb ladders and sides of playsets of all different kinds, which you had trouble doing 6 months ago.  Over the summer, you went on a big swing for the first time!

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsRecently, you have really been fighting us on getting dressed in the morning and eating at meals (you are happy to eat lots of fruit as snacks, but I am trying to make sure you are getting enough protein, vegetables, and fat.)

You Love

Your brother

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsDancing

Doing art – it seems to calm you



To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsDinosaurs and dragons

Playing outside

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYour favorite tv shows are Octonauts, Doc McStuffins and Dinosaur Train


You are so tall! At your 3 year checkup you were 39 inches and 39 lbs. At night, you wear size 6 diapers – we find they are less likely to leak than pull-ups. You wear size 4T, 5T and 5 clothes. You are actually re-wearing some of your clothes from past seasons, which is nice for Mommy and Daddy.

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsHolidays & Events

Obviously, a big change this year was the addition of your brother to our family.  You have been wonderful with him from the very beginning.

Happy Mom MusingsYou had a great time dying eggs for Easter this past year.  We will definitely do more eggs this year.  I would love to try some natural plant dyes.

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsWe were at Grandma and Grandpa’s house for 4th of July (and for Grandpa’s birthday on the 5th).  You loved following Grandpa around, helping him with his tasks.  We will be there again next July for Aunt Alex’s wedding!

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom Musings

You were a flower girl for a friend’s wedding.  You didn’t make it down the aisle, but you looked cute and you enjoyed dancing while everyone else was eating!  (Hopefully, you will make it down the aisle as a flower girl for Aunt Alex…)

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom Musings

We visited Daddy’s family in Vermont.

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsFor Halloween this year, you were a little witch and your brother was a black cat. It was the first year you went trick-or-treating and you were so excited! You thought you got so much candy – it really was not, but we let you think that it was!

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom Musings

We attended a cousin’s wedding.  It was lots of fun to be there and meet some of Daddy’s family members you had never met before!

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou also really understood Christmas this year and were so excited for Santa to come and to open your presents. You received so many presents from family members! Then you received more on your birthday! You are a lucky little girl!

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsTo K at 3 Years | Happy Mom Musings


We also started a (slightly) more formal “school time” this year.

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou have been learning sounds and letters using the Montessori method – including sandpaper letters.

To K at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsWe also have started learning some basic biology (living vs. nonliving, plants vs. animals, hibernation), some geography (physical – such as land, air and water and landforms – and political, such as the continents).  We will be doing more of all of this in the coming year.  My broad goals for the next year are getting you ready to read (maybe by next year? But I will follow your pace), practice writing – now you are struggling more with tracing the letters than the letter recognition, starting the math sequence with understanding numbers, and an introduction to our world including nature studies, science “lessons,” and geography and learning about other cultures.  We will also doing more read-alouds of classic literature together.

The 2-3-year-old year was definitely more difficult than your previous years for Mommy and Daddy.  You are very willful, and can be destructive.  You do not show signs of growing out of this behavior anytime soon (in fact, it might be getting worse.)  But you are also really fun and loving when you want to be – especially with your brother.  I love seeing you as a big sister.  You play with T – leading him around, dancing with him, showing him how to do things – and you can be so nuturing to him as well.  When he gets older, he might complain that he has two mothers!  You are also leaning so much and testing the limits of your world.  Even though it can be difficult at times, it is a joy to rediscover the world through your eyes. I love you, Munchkin!

Love always,



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