To K at 5 Years

To K at 5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsDear K,

Happy Birthday, Munchkin!  5 feels like a big year to me – I guess because it’s half a decade?  Or maybe because you will officially be “school-age” next fall.  (I am excited to start Kindergarten with you!)  You do look older and can do anything you want on the playground now, but the thing that got to me was when we switched your car seat to a booster seat.  You are using a regular seat-belt and for some reason that really made me feel how fast these past 5 years have gone by.

Your first cousin was born, and you are so sweet with him each time we see him (which is not often enough!)

You are still my stubborn, independent, creative, animal-loving child.  You challenge me every single day – often multiple times a day.  But then you are my sweet little girl who cares so much about her family and wants to save all the animals in the world.  You still want to be a veterinarian and wildlife explorer when you are older, and I think you would also make a wonderful author, as you tell fantastic stories about the animal world.  Lions, unicorns, and horses are still your favorites, but you want to collect a stuffed (toy) version of every animal in the world!

To K at 5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Your first time riding a pony! You were so excited!

I started cutting your hair this year – first I cut it into a chin-length bob so that it would be easier to manage, then you decided to cut both your brother and your hair, so I had to turn yours into a pixie cut (and buzz your brother…)  The pixie cut with the long swoopy bang actually looks really cute on you!  I would prefer if you didn’t give yourself haircuts, but you are rocking the short hair, cutie!

To K at 5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou love to be read to, and your favorite subject in our school right now is geography.  We are learning about different countries through picture books and activities – going one continent at a time.  Your favorite continent is Africa.  Your favorite animals are there, and you asked for a black baby doll because many of the African people are black.  (We got you one for your birthday, and you have named her Nala – which you learned from the Lion King and is actually Kiswahili for ‘gift’ – a perfect name!)  You also love learning about Native Americans – you call them First Americans – and have been enjoying the Kaya American girl books (I have been enjoying them too!)

To K at 5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou have made a lot of progress with reading.  You can comfortably read phonetic words, and know some puzzle words (what we call “sight words”).  But reading is challenging, so you resist practicing, preferring to be read to.  (I keep assuring you that we will continue to read to you, but you just do not want to put more effort into it right now.)  You have also been doing great in math.  We started doing some mental math with simple arithmetic, and you continue to impress me!  You are also getting good at writing numbers.

To K at 5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

You finished your 30 book reading caterpillar in October and got to go out for ice cream!

You are sleeping better for the most part, but you wake up way too early – sometimes we hear you talking to yourself at 2am – and so end up being exhausted much of the time.  You have also become a pickier eater.  Sleep and food are something we are looking to address in a family meeting to see how we can improve, but I am also hoping being so picky with food is just a phase.

To K at 5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou do dress yourself now, but it is not always weather appropriate. Although now that it has gotten colder, you have been more willing to wear your pants without too much of a fight – maybe you have realized that it really is too cold for shorts?

To K at 5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsI interviewed you again for the 4th time!  (Here is your 2 Year Interview, 3 Year Interview, and 4 Year Interview)  Many of the answers were the same as last year.

Kiara’s 5 Year Interview

What is your favorite color? Pink

What is your favorite toy? Simba (stuffed lion from The Lion King)

What is your favorite fruit? Blueberries

What is your favorite veggie? Cauliflower

What is your favorite TV show? Wild Kratts

What is your favorite outfit? My Little Kitty Nightgown (Mommy Note: I would say it’s the pink sports shorts that have stains all over them but she still wears all of the time.)

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Macaroni and Cheese

What is your favorite game? Dinosaur Escape (board game)

What is your favorite snack? Raisins

What is your favorite animal? Lions

What is your favorite song? I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

What is your favorite book? Unicorn School

Who is your best friend? Xan (older girl from our Congregation)

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play on the tire swing

What is your favorite drink? Apple cider

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas and my birthday

What do you take to bed with you at night? Simba and tiger

What do you like to eat for breakfast? Pizza (does not happen often)

What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Sausage and cauliflower

What do you want to be when you grow up? Lots of things!  But mostly a Veterinarian who travels the world helping animals.

To K at 5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsWe are looking forward to some big changes in the coming year, and I know we will all grow so much.  I promise to keep loving you to the stars and back!

Love always,


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