To T at 10 Months

To T at 10 Months | Happy Mom MusingsHappy 10 Months, my sweet boy! (Sorry it’s late again!)  The past few months have really flown by. It feels like I blinked, and all of a sudden my infant is a big baby – getting into everything, and communicating and interacting so much more.

You are an expert crawler and love to cruise, and just this past week you took some steps on your own!

You still prefer holding onto something (or someone) while you walk, and if you want to get somewhere fast, you crawl.

You seem interested in throwing things. You pick up balls and beanbags and “throw” them at Mommy or Kiara, or just wherever.  You are also exploring and getting into everything. You can reach a lot of the shelves now, and eat everything off the floor. I have been vacuuming several times a day.

To T at 10 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYou are eating all different foods now, and you still get formula – about 20-24 oz a day (or 5-6 bottles). While we are doing it less, you are still breastfeeding. This is an accomplishment for Mommy, since K stopped around 9 months (and before that was nursing very little). You nurse every night to go to sleep, and in the early morning, and usually one or two very short sessions during the day.

To T at 10 Months | Happy Mom MusingsTo T at 10 Months | Happy Mom MusingsThis past month was your first Christmas! I think you had a good time. Your favorite presents are a set of nesting bowls and wooden spoons. You also like the object permanence box.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of you with Santa because, as we were waiting in line, your diaper leaked!  I had not brought a change of clothes for you and we didn’t have time to run and get something else, so we just had K sit with Santa.  I was disappointed, but you are too young to know what is happening anyway.  We’ll try again next year.

To T at 10 Months | Happy Mom MusingsTo T at 10 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYou still prefer to sleep on Mommy or Daddy.  And Daddy always enjoys taking a nap with a baby!

To T at 10 Months | Happy Mom MusingsThere is so much to explore and more fun to be had every day!  I love you, Little Buddy!

Love always,


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