To T at 11 Months

To T at 11 Months | Happy Mom Musings

Dear T,

You are one month away from being a year old! Wow! This year has really flown by – especially the last few months. Your personality is starting to show, and I am sure will develop more in the coming months.  You are curious and active, and are vocalizing more.  You can entertain yourself, but love playing with K or with Mama and Dada.  Peekaboo is a favorite.

You are walking!  Last month, you had taken some steps, but were still mostly crawling.  One evening a few weeks ago, you just decided you were going to walk everywhere – so you do!  You also love to climb up the stairs. Sometimes we let you climb and follow you up – you haven’t tried to come down all the way yet, although you are good at coming down backwards if you only go up one or two steps. Most of the time we put a gate on the bottom of the stairs, so you can play without us having to worry about you being on the stairs.

You are very active, and get into everything; you like to pull it all off the shelves and out of baskets, although you are starting to show an interest in putting things into containers as well.  You especially love to pull the covers off the heating vents, and the pots, pans, and baking equipment out of the cabinets.  I try to distract you with the toy pots and pans, which sometimes works.  You also like getting into the trash – you throw out toys and pull things out.  I now remember that K did this as a toddler as well.  If we have another baby, I am going to put a fancy lidded trash can on the wishlist!

To T at 11 Months | Happy Mom MusingsEven though you are very mobile and can entertain yourself – K entertains you too – you are still a baby and need to be held and walked.  If you are tired or teething, or just want to be held, I often still put you in the beco gemini carrier and walk around.  This usually calms you down immediately.  Like your sister, you fight taking your naps. You just want to keep playing even though you are clearly exhausted. Often, I will put you in the carrier and walk or hold on to you as you try to squirm away and either nurse you or give you a bottle. I have tried putting you down in your crib to sleep – both when drowsy and when I think you are really out. Either way, you wake up and scream bloody murder… It is something I will try to do more, but I have to figure out how I want to do it and take the time to focus on it.

To T at 11 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYou make lots of sounds. You say Mama, occasionally you say Dada and you call K “Ra Ra” (which I find adorable!)  You are very vocal and clear when you want something, which is usually food or to be picked up.

You are a hungry boy. I think you would be happy eating all of the time. Your favorites are salmon, eggs, and puffs (similar to cheerios, but healthier and dissolve really fast in the mouth for babies).  You have tried many foods – I stopped keeping track so I can’t list them all.  Tomatoes and tomato sauce give you a rash around your mouth, so we are avoiding that for right now, and it seems like cheese constipates you, so we also limit that.  Most of the time you eat what we eat, just cut really small, unless it has lots of tomato or cheese, in which case you get leftover meat and veggies.

To T at 11 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYou still breastfeed.  Mostly in the evening and in the early morning, but some days we do short feedings as well.

To T at 11 Months | Happy Mom Musings

You are teething again; your top right tooth just poked through. I can’t help thinking how your smile will look so different once those top teeth come all the way in.  Most days I give you teething tablets to take the edge off; occasionally we give you Tylenol to help when you are otherwise inconsolable.

To T at 11 Months | Happy Mom MusingsLately, you have been nursing through more of the night, which I think is due to you being more active and hungry, and also looking for soothing for your teeth. Even though we have been told that you don’t need to eat during the night anymore, I am fine with it because it means you get more breast milk, and it is the easiest way to sooth you when you are teething. There are nights when it gets hard on me if you are constantly off and on and make it hard for me to sleep, but overall I think I get more sleep this way.

We got a big snowstorm this month, which led to your first time in the snow!  I am not sure how you felt about it…

To T at 11 Months | Happy Mom MusingsTo T at 11 Months | Happy Mom MusingsI can’t to see what new experience we will have this month!



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