To T at 2.5 Years

To T at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Dear T,

I know I always say that you have grown so much, but these last 6 months you have really shown amazing growth.  I think the year between 2 and 3 years is usually a transition time from toddler to child, and I definitely see that in you.  But the biggest difference is in your speech.  At 2 years, you had very few words, and now you have more than a hundred (I lost count), and you are putting them into 3-4 word sentences!  We rarely sign anymore because you try to say everything.

To T at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

At a minor league baseball game – Grandpa got us tickets right behind home plate!

To T at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Your favorite thing right now is baseball.  You love practicing pitching, batting, and catching, especially with Daddy when he gets home.  You also love watching baseball – we have MLB tv so you can watch the games from the night before.  While watching you are really studying what the players do so that you can imitate their moves on your own.  It is so fun to watch you imitate them!  Your favorite teams are the Blue Jays, Red Sox, and Baltimore Orioles.  (These make sense since you also love birds and the color blue.) In addition to playing and watching, you love to wear baseball shirts!  We ended up getting a few more, since you have wanted to wear one almost every day.

To T at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

To T at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

In your “catcher’s gear”

You also still enjoy vehicles, especially garbage trucks, construction vehicles, and school buses.  You also love babies – you have been playing with your baby doll more, and always point out and want to get a closer look at babies that we see.

You still love being read to, and you are still cuddly, except when you are angry!  You and your sister play together a lot; you also fight over where you want to play, toys, etc, but that is normal sibling stuff – it is hard to share at 4 and 2 years old.

To T at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Apple picking!

We are also making progress with school activities – we spend most of our time on speech activities, but I have also been presenting you with some practical life and sensorial activities.

To T at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Montessori cylinder blocks

You no longer get the bottle and we are down to nursing for a short time at bedtime.  It is really amazing to me that you are still breastfeeding at 2.5 years, so I do not want to push you to stop, though I feel like we are winding down and will probably be done soon.  We have not really started potty training yet, but you do like to sit on the potty sometimes and I try to encourage this and celebrate when you do pee on the potty.

To T at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom MusingsTo T at 2.5 Years | Happy Mom Musings

You seem so much taller to me, and are starting to lose your baby cheeks, etc.  K gave you a haircut, so I had to give you a buzz, and it makes you look older as well!  I forgot to write down your measurements at your 2.5 year checkup… but I believe you were 80% for height, and 90% for weight.

I love you so much, Little Man!

Love always,


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