To T at 3 Years

To T at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsDear T,

Happy 3 years Little Man!  You are officially a three-year-old and seem much more a ‘kid’ and less a ‘toddler.’  I am grateful that you do still enjoy sitting on my lap and giving me cuddles, even though you are getting big!

To T at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYour speech is now almost completely at your developmental level, with the exception of a few words where you distort you vowels, such as bear (which you pronounce bar.)  You made so much progress so quickly, you graduated out of the infants and toddlers program, which is really amazing to me considering that you did not have any consistent words when you turned two.  We will continue to work your vowels, and I am confident that they will be worked out soon.

To T at 3 Years | Happy Mom Musings

You have been loving our special school time. 🙂

You love to run and play, especially with your sister.  You especially love to play knight and “worker” – you love using your tools to build (and take things apart).  Recently, since we have visited Colonial Williamsburg and Mount Vernon, you have also been playing blacksmith – which is really fun to watch.

To T at 3 Years | Happy Mom Musings

Enjoying Mount Vernon!

You are obsessed with vehicles and construction sites.  Your fleet has grown and now includes two garbage trucks and a helicopter along with your dump trucks, excavator, and bulldozer.  You love getting construction books from the library, and you don’t believe me when I tell you we have already taken out all of the good ones!  You believe there is an endless supply of new construction books we must read!  Luckily, there are several construction sites right off several local roads where we regularly drive, so we get to see construction vehicles in action.  One day, we even saw a pile driver working!

To T at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsYou have been completely off the bottle and breast for several months now, and sleep in the room you share with your sister.  You usually sleep in the same bed; I think you comfort each other and I love seeing the two of you sleeping peacefully together.

To T at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsThe biggest developmental leap of the past few months has been that you have potty trained yourself!  When Nonna and Pepere were visiting around the holidays, you wanted some construction vehicle underwear, so we got them because – why not?  Since then you have been practicing wearing them and going in the bathroom and you now where underwear all of the time!  (I did get you more.)  Just a week or two before you turned three, we noticed that your nighttime diaper was dry every morning, so now you don’t even wear a diaper at night!  I feel like I had little to do with this – you were self-motivated and I helped show you what to do (and help you clean up), but you really potty trained yourself.  I was actually going to wait until you turned three to even try!

To T at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsWe have taken a little break from baseball for the winter, since it has not been on tv and I will not let you play in the house anymore (since an incident where you broke a picture frame…)  But spring training is starting and you are excited.  Grandpa gifted you MLBtv for your birthday again this year, and you have started to watch the spring training games.  Unfortunately, we have had few days that have felt like spring so far, so we haven’t taken your bat, ball, and glove outside yet this year, but I am hoping in a week or two we can make it a regular habit to get outside and practice.  Grandpa also gave you a set of toy baseball players with a field and you will take them out and talk about what they are doing.  The best part is that they include an umpire, as he may be your favorite person on the field!  I have heard you playing with them saying, “and the Umpire says ‘Play Ball!'”  I love watching you play!

To T at 3 Years | Happy Mom Musings

We had a lovely small birthday celebration for you.  You received a few presents and requested a construction cake that was chocolate with blue frosting.  I did my best and I think you enjoyed the result!

To T at 3 Years | Happy Mom MusingsT 3-Year Interview

What is your favorite color? Blue and Black

What is your favorite toy? Little Baseball Guys

What is your favorite fruit? Peaches

What is your favorite veggie? (No answer)

What is your favorite TV show? Baseball

What is your favorite outfit? Construction undies with a shirt (he is usually just in undies when at home!)

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Fish

What is your favorite game? Woody Woodgoblin

What is your favorite snack? Chocolate chip bunnies

What is your favorite animal? Pteranodons (I guess I didn’t specify that they had to be alive today…)

What is your favorite song? Feed the Birds (from Mary Poppins)

What is your favorite book? Mighty Mighty Construction Site

Who is your best friend? No-one

What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Play baseball and dig

What is your favorite drink? Blueberry tea

What is your favorite holiday? Halloween

What do you take to bed with you at night? Stuffed knight

What do you like to eat for breakfast? Sausage and waffles

What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Spaghetti and meatballs

What do you want to be when you grow up? “I want to build pitcher’s mounds.” So, baseball grounds crew?

Happy Birthday, my little love!

Love always,


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