To T at 8 Months

To T at 8 Months | Happy Mom MusingsDear T,

Happy 8 months, Little Guy! I know I said this before, but I really love this age! You are so much fun. You have developed so many new abilities over the past month. My favorite has been that you now give great big, sometimes slobbery, open-mouth kisses. I love my T kisses!

To T at 8 Months | Happy Mom Musings

Your first time pumpkin picking!

Physical Development

You figured out how to crawl and are on the move! You crawl quite quickly when you want to, and love to pull up on the furniture, Mommy, and really anything you can reach. You can actually balance pretty well now while standing – you still can’t stand independently, but I don’t think it will be long before you can.

To T at 8 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYour two bottom teeth finally cut through, but are moving up very slowly. They seem to be causing you pain… we give you teething tablets regularly and Tylenol occasionally.

To T at 8 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYou are eating more solids now –you just figured out how to pick food up and get it into your mouth and you love to practice that skill. You have tried many kinds of meats, and you seem to really enjoy poultry and salmon. I also feed you fruit and veggie purees, often mixed with ghee or bacon grease, as I find it helps with your constipation. The good news is that you are pooping regularly, so we do not need to go back to see the gastroenterologist. (Yay!) You are still breastfeeding a couple times each day, and throughout the night. The big win for me is that you want to breastfeed, sometimes preferring the breast over the bottle. After my experience with K, this is a relief for me. You also drink up to 16 ounces of formula a day.

To T at 8 Months | Happy Mom MusingsLanguage Development

You are now definitely babbling. You most frequently say “mama” – I am not sure if you are connecting it to me yet, sometimes I think you do and other times you are just making sounds. And you also frequently say “bah bah” and “yaya” (which I think might be your way of saying “dada.”

To T at 8 Months | Happy Mom Musings

You were a black cat for your first Halloween.

Things You Love

  • Pulling books off the bookcase
  • Following around K
  • Pulling up on and banging on things
  • Feeding yourself
  • Cords/straps – I often put the beco carrier down next to you so that you can play with the straps (I keep an eye on you, obviously!)
  • Swinging

To T at 8 Months | Happy Mom MusingsStats

To T at 8 Months | Happy Mom MusingsYou fit well in the 6-9 month size clothes now, and I also dress you in some 9-12 month pieces since I started buying up a size. You wear size 3 disposables, you outgrew the size 1 Thirsties Fitteds diapers and are almost too big for the little Kawaii cloth diapers. You fit well in the one-size diapers, most of which I have on the middle rise and put on the second snap in. You feel heavier to carry!

To T at 8 Months | Happy Mom MusingsI am so excited for your first holiday season! The food, the fun, and the snuggles!



p.s.  I did write this when you were 8 months, but didn’t get the pictures together and post it until you were almost 9 months!

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