To Tiny One at 11 Months

To Tiny One at 11 Months | Happy Mom MusingsDear Tiny One,

11 months have flown by and you have grown so much!  I have been told again and again that babies and little kids grow fast, but it’s really hard to understand even when you’re watching it happen.

You are definitely your own little person with your own personality now.  I would even say you are a little toddler (which kinda makes me sad).  You run around our apartment and outside – pretty much everywhere we let you down.  You get in to everything – we have very few places in the apartment that are safe from you now.

To Tiny One at 11 Months | Happy Mom Musings

You like to stand on the window ledge and watch the cars and people.

Recently, you’ve been fascinated by opening and closing things– drawers, doors, cabinets, etc. You will walk into the bedroom, partially close the door, open it and walk out with a big grin on your face.  So cute!  You have also developed an affinity to particular stuffed animals – Phoebe the Firefox (or Red Panda) is your favorite, and you also like the stuffed dogs.

To Tiny One at 11 Months | Happy Mom Musings

You and Phoebe the Firefox

Two more teeth came in this month.  A couple weeks ago (I think November 18th), I felt the teeth on either side of your middle bottom ones poking through.  Coming up they have made you a little more cranky and clingy than usual.

You point at everything!  And often make the sound “oooo” while pointing – at squirrels, a painting, Mommy or Daddy, or whatever is catching your attention at the moment.

To Tiny One at 11 Months | Happy Mom Musings

Checking out a squirrel

You say “Dada” a lot, but it is unclear whether or not you are actually connecting it to your Daddy.  Sometimes it really seems like you are, but other times you just seem to be saying it randomly.

We had lots of visits with family this month.  Our Aunt Julie came down to visit, and we had dinner with her and some of our cousins.  You had some “stranger” anxiety (even though you have met Aunt Julie several times), and took several hours until you let her hold you.  You loved our cousins’ little dog, but got scared when he sneezed!

To Tiny One at 11 Months | Happy Mom Musings

Your new friend, Jimmy

For Thanksgiving, we drove up to visit your great-grandparents and great Aunts.  You were wonderful – no anxiety this time!  You smiled at and played with your great-grandparents, and walked around with Aunt Jan saying hi to people.  It was also your first time being in the snow!

To Tiny One at 11 Months | Happy Mom Musings

Thanksgiving with Family

To Tiny One at 11 Months | Happy Mom Musings

First Time in the Snow!

This next month we are celebrating and preparing for Christmas and your birthday.  I love the holiday season and I hope you will love it too!




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