Wearing Tiny One

Wearing Tiny One | Happy Mom Musings

I became interested in babywearing while pregnant.  (Check out my post on babywearing here.)  It seemed so natural and a nice way to keep your baby close to you.  Now that Tiny One is here, I have been wearing her regularly since she was about a week old.  While I was so excited about my ring sling and my Moby wrap, I have found that I like the soft-structured carrier best.  (We have the Beco Gemini.)  It may change as she gets older, but for right now it feels more secure and is actually faster for me to get on and off than my Moby wrap.

Wearing Tiny One | Happy Mom Musings

Our first walk! It was a cold, rainy day, but she was cozy in the moby wrap.  She was two weeks old.

Wearing Tiny One | Happy Mom Musings

Mr. S wearing Tiny One around the apartment

Like everything with babies, there is definitely a learning curve for babywearing and you will need to adjust for your particular child.  Until very recently, Tiny One would not tolerate going into the carrier unless she was asleep, and if she woke up she would start crying.  Over the past week, I have been able to put her in the carrier while she was awake; it works best if she is sleepy, and she prefers to have the head support down so she can look around – I still put it up for walks and most chores, though.  As long as I keep moving, she will fall asleep in the carrier.

Wearing Tiny One | Happy Mom MusingsWearing her makes it so much easier to go for walks and to do chores around the house.  I have even taken her on the free bus that goes around town in it – it is so much easier than with the stroller!

Wearing Tiny One | Happy Mom Musings

Washing the gdiaper snap-in liners while wearing the baby.

As we adventure out of the apartment more and more this spring and summer, watch out for more pictures of me and Mr. S wearing Tiny One!

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