We’re Pregnant Again! 3rd Pregnancy First Trimester Recap

I am so excited to announce that we will be adding a third little one to our family in June 2019! K and T are so excited, and now that I am passed the first trimester I am feeling more excited as well. In case you want to look back, you can find all of my posts for my pregnancies with K and T on my Pregnancy Resource Page (scroll to bottom.)


Nausea: As usual, the first trimester was rough for me. It actually felt worse than the last two – I had more trouble keeping things down and even smells could trigger vomiting, so I hid in the bedroom for several weeks. Part of my nausea is an inability to keep down water and most other liquids. This makes me really dehydrated. We did end up going to the ER once to get fluids – which my body definitely needed. After this trip, I decided to try some supplements and medication to help so that I did not have to keep going back to the ER. I don’t feel comfortable taking many medications, but have had success with B6 and Unisom (just at night, since it knocks me out.)

I started feeling sick around 5 weeks, it was worst between 8-12 weeks, and I am just feeling better now around 15 weeks, although I still have moments of nausea, and I am so tired!

Heartburn: I have always had heartburn during pregnancy, usually starting later. This time it started almost immediately, so I am taking a break from garlic, onions, and peppers (which is sad for me, but we do what we must.)

Heart Palpitations: Pregnant bodies increase blood volume, so occasional heart palpitations are normal. I would have them a few times a day, but since feeling better, have not felt any.

Short of Breath: I am so winded when I do the stairs! Even stretching and gentle walking is exhausting. I know I will feel better if I do more regular movement, so that is one of my goals moving forward.

Emotions: I am so emotional. I am an emotional person, so it’s hard to say if it is just me or the pregnancy, but I suspect the pregnancy hormones are hightening everything.

Highlights: There are not too many highlights for this first trimester, because I was feeling so icky, but here are a few.

Pregnancy Test! Even though this pregnancy was purposeful, I was not expecting to be pregnant this cycle. But I wanted it so bad. That line on the pregnancy test was so exciting!

Telling the kids: We told them earlier than we had planned because I was feeling so sick and not able to do my normal things. They were (and are) both so excited and happy to get a baby brother or sister.

Ultrasound! We were not planning on doing an ultrasound until 20 weeks, but I requested an earlier one because I had been feeling so icky and because we could not hear the baby’s heart rate on the doppler at our 12 week appointment. We got one at 12 Weeks 4 days and the baby looked great! It was so good to see her or him. And I got a picture this time! 😉


We were very happy with our home birth experience with T and wanted to do that again. But, since we moved States, we had to find a new midwife. This time we have chosen a home birth midwife with an individual practice, who has another midwife that she works closely with and will bring to the birth. Mr. S and I both feel comfortable with her, she is great with our kids, and she is covered by our insurance – many are not, so this is a big win! We feel comfortable with the equipment she will bring as well as her relationships with local hospitals in case a transfer is needed.

My intentions are to do monthly updates here, like I did with T, and I might do more sporadic updates on my youtube channel – Julia at Home. I’ll be back soon with the 4 month update!

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